Flamenco workshops in Tarifa

29th of July - 4th of August  2019

Flamenco Tours Tarifa

"t h e      F L A T T      e x p e r i e n c e"
Since 2014 I teach every sommer at the FLATT flamenco workshop week in Tarifa (Spain), which is organized by the singer Alica Carrasco (Mujer Klórica) and the guitarist Jose Manuel León. Disciplines such as Guitar, Singing, Dancing, Cajón and Palmas are tought in a familiar atmosphere. A combination of clases and your customized schedules, kite-surfing, spanish cuisine and daily concerts make this week unforgettable.
If you have any questions about FLATT or you want to join us next year, please visit our webpage
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or write me a personal message.
See you in Tarifa
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