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Cajón Workshops

Since the year 2013 I am giving workshops and masterclasses in different countries like Germany, Spain, Holland, Canada and Greece. I feel lucky to have the chance to share my interest in playing percussion with other people.   


The topic of the workshops can vary and sometimes goes from a beginner workshop over Cajón for Drummers, General Rhythm workshops and masterclasses for instrumentalists,  group-building curses to curses where we focus on a specific music style such as Flamenco, Mediterranean Music, Brazilian Music or the India Taala system. 

If you want to plan a workshop together or you just have questions regarding percussion, rhythm or Cajón workshops please don't hesitate to get in contact with me. I am happy to work on a customized workshop concept with you.

Cajón Group Workshops

Beginner        Medium        Advanced

The workshops have different teaching philosophies depending on each group. For participants that are new to the cajón we will focus mostly on basic playing techniques, excercises and rhythms. The experience of grooving together is the main goal.

In the medium level we will have a quick overview of the basic strokes and start to learn and practise the double stroke technique. Rhythms of different music styles (depending on the choice of the group) are explained and played together. We can go from Brasil over rhythms from the Balkans to Flamenco...

The advanced workshops are mostly focused on the special questions from the participants, which leads us from advanced playing techniques and rhythmic ideas to focusing on specific music styles or groove concepts and often ends up in the indian "taala" system.

Rhythm Workshops

Rhythm Workshop/

In the general rhythm masterclass, I explain different rhythmical concepts related to their music styles. With my Tabla teacher Niti Ranjan Biswas I got the chance to learn the "taala" system from first hand and I am conviced that this system helps every musician, disregarding of the music style or instrument, to improve timing and rhythmic improvisation skills.

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