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"Junio"  María Marín

Just as a photograph captures images, Ephemera uses music to frame emotions that are normally condemned to fleeting transience. From the flash of amusement in a carefree child, to moments of longing due to separation, to the stages one passes from grief to acceptance, Ephemera unveils the power of these elusive emotions in our lives; emotions that pass unnoticed in an instant, but can leave a lasting trace over our conscious choices.

"Washwishni"  Rima Khcheich

The band of Rima Khcheich is a result of many years of collaboration with Dutch bassist Tony Overwater, gathering the finest musicians from Europe like Maarten Ornstein on clarinet, Maarten van der Grinten on guitar, percussionist Ruven Ruppik. On the album she also invited the Dudok String Quartet and trumpet player Angelo Verploegen, creating a unique new sound recorded in Holland’s famous Wisseloord Studio. Rima Khcheich is Lebanon’s most prominent singer of the ‘younger' generation. She is well known for her qualities as a classical Arabic singer and the way she transforms this music to a contemporary new sound. Together with her Dutch musicians she developed a style of music that uses the best of both worlds, beautiful melodies and complex rhythms of the Arabic tradition combined with the advanced harmony and improvisation of the European music. After five successful albums combining classical repertoire with contemporary music she now recorded her latest album Washwishni with fifteen newly composed songs. She wrote most of the songs in collaboration with Lebanese artist and director Rabih Mroué and some of the compositions were specially written for her by Egyptian composer Fouad Abdel Majeed. The songs form an almost satirical comment on the concerns of the younger Arab generation such as immigration,religion, revolution and love.

"America"   Quintet Airlines
"SOIL"   Michalis Kouloumis

SOIL is Michalis Kouloumis' debut album, a project in which the artist re-explores the music that he grew up with, the traditional tunes from his homeland, Cyprus, offering us a unique and soulful aesthetic result.

"The artist ought to express his inner truth; both to himself and to the others. Through a lonely quest of self discovery he traces the unique elements that contitute his own personality and set him apart from everyone else; his personal experiences, his own language, his particular place of origin, his identity. "    


(M. Kouloumis)

"...I can think of few recent releases that have kept me as consistently engaged throughout "

(Jamie Renton, fRoots mag)

"Om de Oude Wereldzee"  Tony Overwater Ensemble

Music for the NPO documentary "Om De Oude Wereldzee"

"Colors of Maria"   Roots Revival Romania

An international project in which each musician comes from a different cultural background in an effort to bring traditional music at a crossroad of contemporary experiments influenced by traditional, jazz, folk and world music. The concept started in 2013 at the initiative of Mehdi Aminian which coordinated the events of each theme-Maramures and Maria Tanase. The two albums of the projects are available at Carturesti bookshops in Romania. Mehdi Aminian is currently developing Roots Revival.

"From a Wooden House"   
Eddie Nanning & Lara Schallenberg 

"They must love their songs. This is the only way to explain the intensity and magic of these recordings. Eddie Nünning, orchestral master guitarist, and Lara Schallenberg, singer with a multi-colored voice, interpret an artistically mixed repertoire between Pop, Rock, Folk and Americana on From A Wooden House. Lara Schallenberg's girlish voice, which dominates the entire vocalistic expression repertoire between gentle whispers and harsh overtones, hovers over Eddie Nünnings great textures of acoustic and electric guitar sounds. The musicians' close mutual understanding and perfect interplay create a rarely heard musical density. Nünning and Schallenberg, the compositions (including Sting, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, and Tom Waits) make their own and extract from them an unheard of musical essence. In short, an intimate dream setting that opens a new universe of interplay between guitar and voice."